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[Paid] [Freelance] VFX Artist needed on AAA game trailer

Hi all, we are The TrailerFarm we are a full-service production house and creative agency, focussing on making seriously good game trailers like these; https://thetrailerfarm.com/ 

We are currently looking for a VFX artist to start as early as the 28th of June with production ending around the end of July. We are currently looking for a talented VFX artist to join us on an exciting project. We need someone with knowledge of UE4 to work with Cascade and Niagara, as well as create simulations (blood splatter) in Houdini which can then be exported as alembic into UE4. 

If you are interested please do email mattd@thetrailerfarm.com
With your Showreel and C.V 

Thank you so much. 
The TrailerFarm
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