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Architect changing to Environment Art / Matte Painting - Advice and Portfolio Critique Wanted

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einnemee node
I am an architectural designer with 10 years of experience looking to break into the VFX industry as an environment artist / matte painter. I have an architectural and 3D modelling background and am interested in spaces, environments, cities, sci-fi, fantasy and natural landscapes etc. I'm wondering where to spend my time learning as I have started a few projects on Maya that I could expand on and a 2D matte painting course. Most of my previous work is design related and not focused on the final execution of perfect visuals/ animations. My issue is that the software requirements do not overlap much between the two industries (apart from Photoshop and 3dsMax) and I need to know where to focus my effort. There are a lot of transferable skills that I can bring across which may or may not be apparent from the portfolio work, for example, knowing how to run a design project from start to finish, knowing how to work with clients and other team members, managing complex architectural models, good software management skills, training staff etc. 

Where do I take it from here without starting completely from scratch in my career? Any comments on my situation and portfolio would be very much appreciated.


I'm happy to comment back if anyone else wants critique on their portfolios. 

Thank you!
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