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Question About Texture Sets for Characters

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ChristheLancer97 polycounter lvl 4
Hi all,

I'm creating a new character. I currently have 3 texture sets for it and was wandering if that's too much. I'm want to size it down to 2 but I don't want to lose quality when I end up texturing. This character is gonna be used for rendering for now but later I would like to implement it in a game. At the moment I have a lot of space but I plan to crank up some of the size for some of the UV Shells as there's too many smaller ones and it's also not done yet, so it will get filled up.

What do you think? Should I preserve only 2 texture sets for this character/characters in general or is adding more an okay thing? Thanks for reading!


  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J grand marshal polycounter
    I bet you could fit that entire character into one sheet at 2048x2048 and it look the same or better. In a game it could be 1k or less if not immediately in front of the camera.

    This is mostly flat colors with no fine details so just reduce the size of the textures until you find the minimum. You can figure the texel density from that if you are a math wiz, but don't let repacking the UV's hold you back from experimentation. That takes like 15 minutes so it's nothing to try a different set up. If it does take you more than 15 minutes that just means you need more practice, which you'll get by redoing them to try a different setup.

  • kanga
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    kanga quad damage
    If you explode your high and low polys then you can have it all on one tile. Texture sets are meant to split up your model so you don't get baking artefacts by having interpenetrating meshes or meshes too close to each other that cause ray casting errors. So it depends which way you want to go. In production you would want to keep your sheets to a minimum.
  • ChristheLancer97
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    ChristheLancer97 polycounter lvl 4
    @Alex_J I forgot to mention this was a placeholder poly-painted texture. It's just to show the character how it would look like with texture on. I'll still try and go with your suggestion, just needed to know what to approach if I was to go for some details, since I didn't wanna lose quality like my previous experience. Thanks for the comment!

    @kanga I usually keep two copies of the model, the exploded version and the normal version. I primarily using Texture Sets to not lose quality, not really for baking reasons. but It looks like based on your suggestions I'll have to keep it to a minimum, maybe I'll try squashing it down to 2. Just wanted to see what the acceptable amount was for textures. Thanks for the comment!
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