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3ds max 2021 Physical materials supported in Unity? (fbx export)

polycounter lvl 9
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decorix polycounter lvl 9
Hi all,

I have question. I'm currently using 3ds max 2021 which uses
Physical materials. When I export fbx with embbeded texutures turned
on and import this into Unity my materials are all white. Are physical
materials supported by Unity? I'm new to Unity and also  to the new Materials
in max2021.  I did small test with box and texture, but using the standard material in max and exported to fbx and it worked fine in unity.

If  Physical materials aren't suported in Unity. My max2021  defaults to Physical materials at startup. I have seen some work arround, but
this takes some steps  Any info would be great exporting from max2021 to Unity.

I'm wondering if you should use BPR materials if you are using 3ds max to export fbx to Unity? 

Thanks so much


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