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Press and hold input in AAA games. Anything to do with performance?

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Alex_J godlike master sticky
It seems like every modern AAA game I've played in last few years is obsessed with press and hold input. Even for normal stuff like open a door, it's press and hold.

Is there a trick to this? Some sort of mental trick to manipulate gamer some way? Or maybe allows a couple more milliseconds here and there to help avoid pop-in items/textures?

If it's a game design thing no need to discuss here, but maybe since some of ya'll work in AAA you know that it's actually something performance related?


  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky
    If you do that to support asset streaming your priorities are severely wonky.

    It's 100% a game design decision

    Also:. I can't say I've played a single game that requires it 

    On the other hand I don't play COD or any of the Ubisoft cookie cutter bullshit so could easily have missed it.
  • jStins
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    jStins interpolator
    This input method was used quite a bit in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC (probably on console as well, but can't say for sure). I assumed it was used in lieu of a confirmation requiring a pop up and second button press.
  • pior
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    pior grand marshal polycounter
    It's just a design trend, and it's awful - it's basically the game equivalent to needless animations/transitions in mobile apps. But I guess it looks fancy in video trailers and looks "current".

     The *only* place where I find it somewhat useful is for skipping cinematics - but even there I think I'd rather have a Y/N confirm.
  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J godlike master sticky
    i havent played any new AAA games for a minute, but I think I noticed this with a couple titles from ubisoft, rockstar, and rebellion. Maybe some others as well. 

    I figured it was just a design thing for some reason or another, but wondered if there wasn't some trick to it. Like slowing down player for just a half second here and there buys time to do some calculation.

    There are times it makes sense as a "are you sure?" thing, but I think at least one game I played had me holding buttons just to open doors. Terribly annoying for those of us who wanna go fast.
  • Eric Chadwick
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