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[WIP] [Environment Art] Nature exterior scene

Hello there! Been reading this forum for quite a long time and enjoyed it a lot. Have noticed that there many keen and nice people. My name is Vladimir and currently, I'm working for a mobile games development company. It is nice, but I want to try making some stuff in the Unreal Engine. I'm using Unity for my job, it's convenient for mobile and I know this engine a lot more than UE. But always wanted to learn... And I think this is the right time! I'm going to make a small project with a beautiful exterior environment and assets created from scratch and myself to learn as much as I can. I hope I could count on your critique and maybe some ideas, comments, etc. It would be nice, I'll appreciate it. So, I combined my refs to board below and have made some sketchy-looking assets. The trees are definitely not the same now as I wanted, but new pines are in progress, they are will be tall and fluffy. This is all I have by this moment, but I am determined to finish this project, so I'm working on and sharing the results here.

Here is a YT link with the current progress  https://youtu.be/qgj4gMoXzb8

My ref board for this project:

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