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[WIP][Blender]Need help with Allods online logo

I've set a goal wanting to remake this logo in the highest possible fidelity to the original, but I've hit a wall with it and frankly do not know which steps to take to continue my progress.

here are the references for the model:

animation reference(not the model):

here is what I've done so far:

the obvious issues: 

I'm obviously a beginner still learning how to model correctly and I would love some guidance on how to approach such a project since I'm scrapping this and repeating it. My objective is to get as close as possible to the original and have it be only one cohesive model so i can texture it, I found a wireframe picture looking online if that helps, and would love to make something similar just do not know how to. I'll take any help I can get thanks for your time!

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