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[WIP] Short film: "The curse of Anubis"

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Hi everyone!

As part of my graduation project, we were required to create a short 3D film with a given theme (it must be a trailer) our theme is Egypt, and while it's far from over yet I'd still like to post some WIP! our trailer is about 1min40 secs. We had no idea how to name it, so we gave it a bit of a generic name haha: " The curse of Anubis " =)

We are pretty much 2 doing the whole project. I had a part in everything, the only thing I did not touch at all was the high poly modeling of the character and rigging. My friend did most of the animation as well, I only animated 2 scenes. I was responsible for the environnement (modeling and texturing)  lighting, vfx and rendering! used some premade asset on candles, and a book if I remember.

The animation is definitely  our weak point, we had never done any rigging or animation at all previous to this project. Looking at other student film, most of the time what gives it away (that it's by  student) is the animation, and yeah, I understand why now!

Our experience were the typical asset for portfolio workflow. I also used unreal once before, and while it was hard at first, it's starting to get better and it saves us a lot of time. We have 3 "rooms" in total. For particles in unreal i used fluidninja, awesome tool! I wish I could have used Houdini to get a start in it but our school doesn't have licenses.

This year with covid was a bit hard for this project, and when you combine it with the joys (and everything in between) of group working remotly on a project... yea :) We didn't have a lot of class, I certainly learned how to use google for troubleshooting... One big takeway I have now is to organise my project (and files) right from the start. We overlooked it at  first and it costed us a great deal of time.
Anyway here are some WIP shots, not sure how to post videos so only stills!

Also, all the screen shot were made using preview quality lighting! Sorry, my computer can't handle production. I'll use my school computer for the final lighting. That's why some shadows may be off or not even there.

Thank you!

Our character:

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