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Weird Normal Transition Between Seams

Hi, I don't know why this happens to my high poly to low poly baking. Very bad textures along seams! I have tried almost all of the baking settings, but nothing helped, I've also checked that my UV's are aligned with pixels.

Here are the high and low poly meshes.



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    This is to be expected, that's the very nature of tangent space representation of surface normals.

    You can see it for yourself : load this nmap as a diffuse in a texture painting app, and attempt to "fix it" according to what you would expect. Then look at the resulting "fixed" texture, and you will see that  it will make no sense in terms of Red and Green channel passes anymore.

    Another way to see it for yourself is to rotate any of these UV islands by a few degrees and rebake. You'll see that these colors will change again.
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