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Feedback request, Attack titan project

polycounter lvl 7
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Pjotrh polycounter lvl 7
Hello to anyone who reads this, Its as the title says I'm looking for some feedback on a little tribute project I'm doing.

I've only got a couple goals, It should be a stylized attack titan sculpt in grayscale resulting in a single. For the the image itself, he should be pretty pissed off, feel tall, and I want the eye to be the focal point.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!  


  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    Rewatching the entire series (up2 ep55/s3) this month actually(while i do things) so works out i suppose to help with these (I've seen) many recent artworks, its cool to see.  Guess adding buildings, or cave walls from the ceremony episode, the rose (center of societies "safety" ) building maybe?
    (idk the actual names just watch the show, no manga action.) Maybe some small people somewhere, a tree.

    Maybe use a shot from the show ?  My 1st thoughts where to do a bottom to top view, as a viewer from the ground looking up, type of perspective but then his head gets a lot smaller and his feet might become more of a focus..  Good luck otherwise, hope this helped somehow. :p
  • Pjotrh
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    Pjotrh polycounter lvl 7
    Thanks for the feedback, I think I'm going to run with some silhouetted buildings in front of him, hoping to get more depth and some scale reference.
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