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2 month ago I uploaded my first project for my portfolio. I'm searching for more feed back and comments to improve my art and myself. I'm currently searching for a job in 3D Environment art and also I'm making my second piece for my portfolio! If I can get enough feed back and comments, I could use it for my second piece and get to a new level.



  • Maanu
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    Maanu polycounter lvl 2
    Looks cool! I like the room, the details on the desk are really nice!

    Overall I think the room is a bit too dark to show off the props, I can't really see your assets very well, except for the items on the desk. Same thing for the materials, i.e. you could have outside lighting cast light on the floor, showing off the floor material. So I suggest look up some indoor game environments and see what tricks they use to light it.  :)
  • HChapdelaine
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    Thanks a lot Maanu! I will look further for some light technic and apply to my current project.
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