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2D Animator and Illustrator: Character Designer. Concept and Storyboard Artist

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Hello there!

I'm Cat V. and I'm looking to gain experience in this area. I just graduated with my Associate in Digital Animation and Illustration. This is just to start getting my feet through the door.

I'm more comfortable with 2D work at the moment. I can do 3D work (modeling, animating, and such), but I used Maya and Zbrush through school and won't have it for long. I plan on switching to Blender and learn how to use it. Once I feel comfortable with that, I'll open up my skills for work. My portfolio is here with about me, skills, and many projects to look through. 
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Paid and Unpaid work is fine! I prefer small projects to add to my portfolio for unpaid work. I'm easy to work with, especially remote because I'm comfortable working at a computer for most of the day. I have many ways to be contacted, so just let me know what you'd prefer. For right now, I'm not picky with payment since I'm working to understand my work worth. I do, however, take art commissions for character drawings, so I will mention the prices on that if the job is related to that type of work.

Thank you for your time!

Contact me on this site and I look forward to working with you!

Cat V.


  • togaykurtulus
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    Hello Cat, I am Togay. Are you still interested being a part of a volunteer team? We are currently working on a side scroller action adventure game powered by Unreal. 

    We are 15 people in the team. We havea decent 3D art and 2D art departmants.  We are looking for a team mate who can help us for creating lovely environments and maybe help out for 2D cinematics .  If you are intersted please let me know, also if you have a discord please messege me. I cant wait to share the design documentwith you and i hope you will like the project. 
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