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[FINISHED] German WW1 soldier

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volchonok polycounter lvl 2
Hello polycount!
Sharing my first ever fully complete character in 3D. Spent couple of months on it. Was quite challenging for me, especially head and hands. 
General workflow was to first create a rough blockout in 3Ds Max, use it as an avatar in Marvelous Designer, where I generated all the clothing. 
Next stage was sculpting in Zbrush, where I added details to cloth and made head&hands. All additional gear (backpack, helmet, rifle) was fully modeled in 3DsMax. For retopology I used Topogun. Texturing was done in Substance Painter, which was the most fun part 
=)  Last stage was rendering in Marmoset - spent countless hour tweaking his position and lighting.
For creating head and eye shader in Marmoset I used this tutorial https://marmoset.co/posts/creating-realistic-skin-toolbag-saurabh-jethani/
More renders, wireframe and 360-video on my Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Qr3QYr

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