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Blender Python 2.79 - Get ID Process and Read From RAM?

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I know that there have been newer versions of Blender since I asked my last question on here. But, I'm still sticking with older Blender until I have a good reason to change - maybe after receiving an answer on here I'll have to look into that.

I've been trying to look for ways to get the ID process of another program open on my computer, and seek to a position in RAM of said program (like seeking in RAM in a hex editor) - using Blender Python. I know that this is a complicated subject, and that this might not even be feasible with Blender to begin with - but I want to at least try it. If it helps, I have had some experience with modal operators - that when ran, custom actions can happen in real time in Blender's 3D view... The reason I want to try this is for modding reasons. I am using an old model viewer for an old video game to edit animation files... I have been able to find where the animation data lies in RAM using Cheat Engine - and would ultimately like to have my Blender Python script find this program's data in RAM - so I can make 3D changes directly in Blender and see them occur in the model viewer (think of it as a 'link' or 'hook' between the two programs). You might be asking yourself, "Why not just animate the model in Blender and convert the keyframe data to the file?". As much as I'd like this to have worked by now, the rotation values in the animation files are not your typical 360 degree euler angles - which make this a huge pain when attempting to export the data properly (or maybe I'm just retarded). The rotational values are stored as shorts. I've messed with the values a lot and still can't get my head wrapped around them.

I hope I'm making sense of the situation. I understand it's a very complex topic - I know I'm crazy. I've looked into a few options, such as the ``subprocess`` and  ``psutil`` modules for Python. I was wondering if any of you know a method for this, or even a better method? I may just end up using a Visual Studio project with C++ if all else fails. But, I really would like to get something in Blender working first if possible! No matter the feedback, I really appreciate you for reading this post.


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