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Size of modular pieces


For example i've got wall in blockout stage that 11.312 m width. Should i round up it? Or what? Or just use snap to grid when i make blockout? Or i just need to make simple placeholder modular wall asset?
And in general which size to use, or how to choose size of modular pieces?


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    Ghogiel greentooth
    That's fairly normal in a block out stage to have all odd lengths. You are just getting a feel for the general space there.  One of the major points of greyboxing is not to be locked into things like having one random wall being 11.312m long.

    if you intend to go on from there to develop a modular set from that, modular has some trade off in that your art design and level design has to fit into the grid size the grid allows. You pay with precision for ease of use, more efficicent art creation and level building.

    Introducing a 3 decimal fraction to the grid might not be the best idea. Usually you'll want to find some common grid size that'll work for most of the levels pieces, and you'll probably shorten or widen a lot of things depending on where the design of the modular pieces go and gameplay testing/ feedback to figure out what would be a good balance. 

    What'll happen with a 11.312m wall as a modular piece, it would only really work with vertex snapping or if all your modular pieces also fit a grid that's a multiple of something divisable of 11.312. If you ended up working out the grid for all the pieces you are needing to make in an environment and it's 1.414m square or something, your wall would work.

    Most people don't want to keep changing grid sizes for placing different parts of the same set of modular pieces, but you can absoultely have a few specific pieces need to snap at 0.5m for example but then nearly everything else snaps at 2m. That sort of thing isn't overly confusing. but a modular set with 1.414m grid size might get some odd looks from a level designer.
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