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3D Character Artist (Model/Sculpt), 3 pieces, Hard Surface / Cloth mix. Realism / Sci-fi, 10k-30k

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I am a full time software engineer and indie game hobbyist looking for a 3D artist to make three character assets for my game in development.
I'm looking for two sci-fi humans, and one robot / humanoid mech, further details I would prefer to disclose after we work out the details of the contract.
I'm looking for relitevely simple models for now, in terms of design, and would like to be involved in the design process, each model will have a fairly specific set of requirements.
All models will be without hair or skin, and cloth aspects can be baked onto the model and/or sculpted.
Polycount budget is around 10k-30k, but I'm flexable, as long as we can acheive my desired look. I'm not an expert in this regard so I will be looking to your own expertise for this.
Artists more comfortable with certain types of characters, or with a limited schedule, feel free to apply for a subset of the three models.

Models should be ready to be used in UE4 and optionally Unity, so experience modeling for those engines is preferred.

Here are some examples of styles that I really admire, although the amount of detail on these works is not exactly needed.
Also, many of these are 2D, and I am looking for specifically 3D models, ready to be textured and rigged.


As you may notice with these works, they all are very grounded/realistic, with looks inspired by real life military and industrial machinery/equipment.

When the contract is fulfilled, I will be looking to claim all economic and moral rights indefinetally, except attrubution rights, which you will maintain.
Works produced will be kept private until public release of the game assets by myself, or for two years, whichever is sooner, at which point you will be credited within the release material and you are then free to share the work publicly in your portfolio and with potential employers, although not without reference to the owner of the material (me, but in the future, my company).

Thank you!
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