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Custom Thumbnail?

I managed to set up a scene with three lights and (maybe some extreme) camera settings that produces the desired result after export.
However, in the viewport the objects look completely overcast and pure white. What I didn't realize is the fact that Toolbag will use the viewport to grab the thumbnail, rather than the first shot you see on export.
This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, for obvious reasons. And I'm also a bit surprised about the fact that I can't seem to define a custom thumbnail (although I can see that artists might be tempted to enhance those, so there might be an argument for maintaining consistency here)

Now is there a way to fix the thumbnail, without having to go back and redo the whole lighting and camera setup?


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    Currently, there is no way to define a custom thumbnail image. There are some known bugs in Toolbag 4.02 with Viewer lighting not matching what is set up in Toolbag. We have these problems fixed internally and these fixes will go out with the 4.03 update, at which point the thumbnail should be a much better match.
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