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[Rev-share) Dark Fantasy RPG Looking for Level Designer, 3D Character Artist, VFX Artist

Hello, everyone.

Heaven and Hell is a Dark Fantasy genre, 3D, Co-op, Turn-based strategy RPG. Made in Unity3D, for PC, and console platforms. 

Our team currently consists of a Gameplay Programmer, a Concept Artist, a Composer and Sound Designer, a Game Designer and Narrative Designer. We are in the production stage, and can provide parts of our work so far as proof of quality to those who are interested in joining us. We would like to welcome enthusiastic members into our team, currently recruiting:

* 3D Character Artist with a good grasp of anatomy, who specializes in Character design; modeling and texturing. Right now, just 1 male human and 1 female generic human characters are needed to be used as player characters in the vertical slice.

* VFX Artist skilled with shaders and particle effects. Examples:  blood splatter & decals, falling dust/debris, glowing hands, projectiles, shockwaves, and auras.

* Level Designer familiar with medieval settings, who can construct fitting environments to accomodate the established plot flow and gameplay. 

If you are a fan of Constantine, Salem, Penny Dreadful, Supernatural, Buffy, Angel or other similar media; admire Dungeons & Dragons, Baldur's Gate, Divinity: Original Sin, Pillars of Eternity, Final Fantasy, Witcher, Diablo games; or simply love high fantasy concepts such as angels, demons, the Occult, and theological/mythological stories, consider joining Heaven and Hell; we have a chance to create a cult game that emotionally holds players captive with rich, yet dreadful themes, and satisfies them with truly challenging combats mechanics.

If you are interested in developing this game, feel enthusiastic about shaping it with your talent into a quality product that you can be proud of, and expect commercial success from, please contact me on here via PM, or via Discord: ( Ashwing#2328 ), and introduce yourself, stating which title you are applying for, and sharing a portfolio if possible.

You can find more details in the link below:

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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