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Need a Level Designer for upcoming survival horror game

Greetings, I'm Erasmo from the Dream of Darkness team. We're a small game dev studio based in Mexico City and we're working on a Lovecraftian horror game centered on the fall of the Aztec Empire.

We're currently developing small but playable prototypes to validate our key gameplay features. Our current version is very similar to the early Resident Evil games from the 90's (tank controls, fixed camera angles, solving puzzles, etc.). We have a talented team, however, none of us have much experience with level design, that's where you come in.

Screenshots of our playable prototype

We're looking for a level designer that can help us draw maps/blueprints/sketches for our game's environments. It's of the utmost importance that this level designer has a good eye for interior design. We want to upgrade our scenes so they become are more than just empty rooms where you gather items and interact with NPCs. We want to add environmental storytelling to our scenes. 

We don't want you to create music or sound effects, but we need you to be able to show our sound engineer where in the scene a particular sound effect (a monster growl, for instance) should play; we don't want you to sculp all the 3D environmental props, but we need you to be able to show us where we should place key items/NPCs on the map.

Examples of the type of level design sketches we're looking for

Is this a paid position?
Yes, it is. We're offering $175.00 USD to help us improve our current prototype (3 scenes)

Is this a fulltime job or a freelancer gig?
Freelancer gig to start. We need someone to start helping us with level design as soon as possible, and depending on how well we work together with these 3 scenes we're open to extending your contract for additional scenes.

I'm interested, how do I apply for the job?
Write me at erayon@imertual.com or via Discord at Migsterium#5049. Remember to share your level design portfolio.

Which engine are you using to develop your game?
Unity 3D version 2020.3.3f1
High definition rendering pipeline
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