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I wish to have my portfolio reviewed and advised, critiqued on what could be done to help me find work and finally get some paid gigs with this. it has already been a long trip so telling me again I'm only starting would be falsehood to me, but I recognize there is always room to improve, for me, for everyone, even those working today.

Link to the portfolio is here: https://fvportfolio.artstation.com/

Standing by for comments.


  • teodar23
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    teodar23 sublime tool
    Hi, just curious: how long has it been?
    I've seen you post here a couple of times asking for the same thing and i believe the consensus was that you need to improve. Now you come back with a few more works but have you improved? How? In what way?
    I sense a lot of frustration and i understand, really i do, but being frustrated and desperate doesnt get you hired. In fact, it will probably prevent you from getting that much needed commentary on your portfolio.
    Nevertheless, looking at your artstation page i see OK-ish work, not bad but not great either. The problem is that this industry expects great and above-great work. Even tho most games have sub par assets for various reasons (performance limitations, crunch time for the deadline, cheap outsourcing work, etc) the companies still expect you to have a stellar portfolio with works that meet the "standard". This standard is of course set by the best in the industry and at the moment is very high. So the logic around that is... tricky. But it is what it is and i digress.
    As a suggestion i would advise you to start thinking more about what it is that you are doing, the object that you are creating and really understand the shape and properties of it. It seems that you have mostly simple shapes with basic materials. Another thing you should try is to do an environment, nothing big, maybe a diorama or a small scene, maybe something organic.
    And really take your time with the models and textures dont rush through it just to say you did it.
  • GTARandom
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    GTARandom polycounter lvl 8
    I asked already on old topics, nobody responded. I'm not going to answer your question how long has it been because it's sarastic, explained further in your text.
  • jStins
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    jStins interpolator
    Have you seen this thread? https://polycount.com/discussion/187512/recently-hired-in-aaa-show-us-your-portfolio/p1

    I don't feel it'd be proper to post portfolio links here directly, but check out some of the prop artists that have posted their portfolios in that thread. (keep in mind that some of them have since added work from released titles.) 

    Your work is good and shows technical proficiency. I think what's missing from your portfolio is a level of complexity that's really eye catching. The other prop portfolios I looked at had at least one hero prop that either had complex compound curvature or lots of details. Your data tape for example, is good, but has pretty simple forms. It'd be a good detail element to flesh out a scene, but isn't too impressive on it's own. 

    The other thing that stands out is some of your pieces come across as incomplete even though the prop itself is finished. Why not build out the wall that the robotic arm is attached to? In general I think it can be helpful to build out the environment a bit to ground the prop and reinforce it's scale.  

    Like I said, I don't think you're too far off. One more hero prop / scene, cull some older work and I think you'd have a much better chance at finding work. Good luck!
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    scottycharly polycounter lvl 10
    I've been in the game industry as a 3D artist for a few years, also teaching at a local college. My boss sometimes asks me to point him to some graduate students, so I've seen my fair share of portfolios. Yours show some knowledge but your pieces lack polish and a professional look. You only need one or two pieces but they must be flawlessly professional and be impressive to some degree. Keep improving and good luck!
  • GTARandom
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    GTARandom polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for the feedback guys, I noted what you've said. Will respond if I have any questions.
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