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CITADEL: Desert Town & Palace Environment Pack

Introducing CITADEL, the AAA-quality Desert Town & Palace Environment Pack; perfect for rapidly creating impressive desert scenes with gorgeous backdrops and stunning playable areas.

CITADEL has been designed with an UNCHARTED™ aesthetic in mind, with the versatility to be used in any fantasy, adventure, action, MMO, RPG, survival or BR projects.


● Fully HDRP and Built-In/Standard compatible (contact us if you require a version that is URP compatible)

● Full support for Unity versions 2020.1.11 or higher; all assets do also work without issue in Unity versions below 2020.1.11*

● Suitable for all camera perspectives from 1st person to top-down

● Recommended for PC/Console platforms

● Not recommended for mobile platforms

Package includes:

● over 80 AAA game-ready assets optimised for quality and performance;

 large 2km² game-ready demo scene with palace background and playable desert town (demo scene runs at >200fps in 1080p on an RTX 2070);

● 30+ modular palace parts;

● 30+ modular town parts (including 8 house/tower variants, and 10+ parts (such as antennas and balconies) to further diversify the house variants;

● modular wall parts (with 3 detail layers that can be tweaked and modified to age the appearance of the walls);

● high-quality optimised PBR textures (albedo, AO, specular, normal) at 4096x4096 as well as HDRP-specific textures;

● source substance designer '.sbs' files are provided for palace/town-specific model materials;

● complete lush vegetation and props set: 2x variants of palm trees, ivy, elm trees, pallets, canopies, satellite dishes and more!

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Many thanks,

MacAlpine Ventures

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