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[FINISHED] Grill Bot

Hello! I just finished this little guy in Blender + Quixel Mixer, I took me a bit over 2 weeks and I used it to mainly learn Quixel Mixer, there's a lot to learn from this experience, especially UV Unwrapping and preparing the model since it left behind some nasty artifacts that I had to fix manually map by map, making small tweaks virtually impossible since it'd take me a lot of time to go over the artifacts again. Also about the size and scale of the model and how it affects the maps and the bevels.

Overall I liked modeling this, tried to give it an environment instead of just renders with a plain background, taking that opportunity once again to mess around with Mixer, I used a lot of Smart Materials but tried to use them as a starting point and then add or remove details where I saw fit

Two spin renders on the ArtStation post, once as it is and one with the door opened and legs deployed, and some captions about each render artstation.com/artwork/ELoeg4

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