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Think Tank Training Centre online good for making connections???

So I'm thinking about eventually enrolling in the Think Tank Training Centre online program for VFX. It looks like a really good program but one thing that I am concerned about is making professional connections with classmates, instructors, and mentors.

For anyone that has done the online program, were you able to make professional connections remotely with your peers (and with instructors), or was the remote learning too much of a barrier for that???

Are the in-person classes more worth it?

Do you think going to the Think Tank Training Centre is worth the investment?


  • Meloncov
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    Meloncov greentooth
    I don't have experience with ThinkTank in particular, but I've taken online classes for maybe a half dozen places over the years. Without exception, they're much, much worse for building connections than in-person learning. Not completely useless, but also not in the same league.

    Maybe Think Tank has figured out something other schools haven't, but as a general rule that's the big shortcoming of online education.
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