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ELENA: Customizable Soldier Character Pack

Introducing ELENA, the AAA-quality Customisable Female Soldier Character ready to be dragged and dropped directly into your project!

Perfect for any tps, fps, action, adventure, fantasy, MMO, RPG or BR projects, as well as high-quality action-themed animations and renderings.


Built-in, URP, and HDRP compatible.

Package includes:
● AAA model optimised for quality and performance (63.4k tris, 44.5k verts);
● model is fully rigged and will work with any humanoid animation set;*
● face is also rigged for animations;
● high-quality optimised PBR textures (albedo, AO, specular, normal) at 2048x2048;
● source 4096x4096 texture files in .PSD format;
● HDR emission map provided for glowing radio screen.

Fully customisable gear:
● OVER 20 items can be added/removed/swapped;
● face mask can be added/removed and/or animated;
● pouches can be added/removed;
● holster with pistol can be added/removed;
● weapon strap can be added/removed;
● tactical knife can be added/removed;
● radio can be added/removed.

*Showcased animations not included **Weapon model not included

Asset store link:

Many thanks!
MacAlpine Ventures Ltd
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