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3D Environment / Prop Artist Looking for opportunities.

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Hello! My name is David Wood and I'm a 3D Environment / Prop Artist.
My Portfolio: https://davidwood.artstation.com/

 I'm currently looking for:
- Remote work
- Part-time / Full time employment 
- Freelance work

My Portfolio: https://davidwood.artstation.com/

My primary focus:
     - 3D Modeling
     - Sculpting
     - Retopology
     - UV Mapping
     - Texture Baking
     - Texture Painting
     - Scene setup 
     - Level Design
     - Lighting

     - 3ds Max
     - Zbrush
     - Substance Painter
     - Substance Designer
     - Photoshop
     - Unreal Engine

I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time.
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