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How do I get started in freelance work as a 3D Environment Artist for Games?

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I really want to get a job in the gaming industry as a 3D Environment Artist and then work my way up and transition to a game designer or level designer. I'm going to apply for as many 3D Environment Artist jobs once I'm done finishing up my portfolio this week and hope for the best. However to make my chances greater and help make extra money (I don't have any money or a job and got nobody to help me out). I could try getting into freelance. Now I don't know how to get started. How do I get started? Do I still label myself as a 3D Environment Artist? or do I call myself a 3D Environment Artist / Generalist? What about posting free meshes on Sketchfab (I got photogrammetry objects I made that I'm willing to give away to help build my career). 
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