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How much detail do I retail when retopologizing?

Hi guys, this is my first rodeo in retopology, and I'm very lost. I've sculpted a high poly, and now I need to make it less dense so I can easily rig and animate. My problem is that I don't know how much detail should be retained. For example, my little guy has raised spots on his skin. Should I make a circular edge flow around them since they are raised higher than the rest of the skin, or do I ignore them?  Is there a rule of thumb for how granular you need to be for retopologizing? 

I'm also confused about how to bake the details since I've only used substance for that. I painted my textures in ZBrush and would like to keep those instead of going into substance painter. Is there a better way to bake the higher detail while keeping the textures from ZBrush? 

I appreciate any thoughts tut suggestions! I feel like a stressed toddler right now, lol. 

Here are pictures of those spots. 



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