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First Unreal engine project

Hi everyone,
I'm new here. Wanted to share my first Unreal engine project- Diorama.
I started this project fully motivated by the beautiful dioramas of Anya Jo Elvidge ( you can find her here: https://www.artstation.com/anyatheartist).
It was a big challenge for me because Unreal is new to me and I had to understand what a shader evolves and can do in the engine. I started with simple exercises on planes and side tasks before getting into the project itself. I started building basic shaders and than was able to do more complex shaders with simulations, I also attached my work process and links to great artists out there who share their knowledge and help to so many junior artists to try and do a better work.

Link to the project: 
 ArtStation - Diorama-Unreal engine project, Maya Josef

Thanks and hope you like it
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