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[FINISHED] LoL Fan Skin- Pajama Kennen

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Hey polycounters! Been a while since I've made a WIP thread. I wanted to document my process here. 
Goals for this project:
-Practice handpainting
-Learn to hand paint fur
-Work on speed throughout the project, work on getting less caught up in sculpt details
-Get a nice, colorful portfolio piece! :)

This is the character I will be modeling, drawn/concepted by me:

Since I concepted it, I will probably be taking some design liberties as I go. But this is my basic outline!

For those of you not familiar with league of legends, this will be a fan skin for kennen. I'll attatch some of my references below:

Skinline I'm trying to match with this project:

I've started the rough blockout for the character. Next stage is to clean up the geo a bit to give myself a better sculpting surface, then ill do a sculpt pass.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me any feedback or critiques! :)

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/gabschwall


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