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Why there's so many tutorials about making slot inventory?

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Lemenus polycounter lvl 5
I'm learning BP in UE4 through doing stuff that I'm interested in (because i dunno other fun/interesting ways to learn it /: ).
And i want to learn how to make inventory like in Fallout or tes games - list inventory, but all tutorials about how to make slot inventory with all that stuff "how to make item occupy multiple slots" and etc. ... ok, I agree that maybe those inventory systems may share same way of realization. But just... why slots? I found only ONE video series about replicatin inventory system from Fallout, and it's unfinished! While there's 999+ tuts how to make in GLORIOUS SQUARES.
Just... why. Is there some limitations in engine or BP which I'm unaware about? Or maybe Epic hates list inventories and pay every single person that done slot inventory? (But tbh, I've noticed same trend with Unity, so... yeah, my guess that it's easier to do)
I just don't know BP that good, so maybe there's not much of a difference between making those systems, but still...


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