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Create your own LUT in 1 click from a single reference - MagicTints 2

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Hello guys!

This is the second version of my MagicTints extension panel for Adobe Photoshop. The new version allows to create LUTs from just a single color reference image, see below:

You can color match one image to another, the machine-learning-trained tool automatically applies the color scheme from one concept image or illustration to another, preserving the original contrast and illumination.
Now you can export this as a LUT file of 16x16x16 or up to 128x128x128.

And after that you can apply this LUT to any video footage or 3D in Unity, Unreal Engine, Substance, AfterEffects - any software that supports LUT.

Primary Color Grading step gets really simplified.

Works on any type of imagery and works pretty fast now, using your GPU. Color grades instantly on recent NVidia/AMD cards.

It's based on my MagicPicker's engine. Also it supports Photoshops/Illustrator/InDesign CC2019,CC2017,2015, Affinity, Lightroom, iPad - many platforms. You can view detailed MagicTints Features video tour. Hope you'll like it! It's very accurate and you can quickly iterate through images finding the "best" look. 

Read more about MagicTints, the 1-click color matching and color correction plugin inside Photoshop

Please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions, I'm always open to implementing new stuff since I made MagicPicker 13 years ago.
Contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

-- Anastasiy
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