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Hi, I've been having quite a lot of trouble with getting animation passes from Maya to line up with animation passes (from the same camera) from Marmoset. I think I've narrowed it down to an issue of Overscan. Does anyone know how much Overscan Marmoset needs? Currently in Maya I set my film aspect ration to 1.77 but I noticed that in my renders Marmoset is including more from either side of the crop than Maya is.

I am exporting baked animation to an FBX file.


  • Vexod14
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    You should match two things between your camera in maya and the other in marmoset : 
    - FOV (which keys aren't imported if I'm correct)
    - Render output resolution (which, in fact, defines your framing), so if you're filming with a 3840 * 1646 resolution on maya, use the exact same values on toolbag render settings

    Please also note that - in Marmoset - the resolution you see in the viewport depends on the "image" and not the "video" render settings, so if you need a clean feedback don't forget to set both resolutions the exact same way.
    Also, just in case, don't forget to activate the "Safe Frame" option on your active camera, else you won't get the final framing feedback ;)
  • swade
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    I know this thread is ~2 years old but I found it while trying to solve the same issue. I thought I'd share the solution:

    The trick is to ignore the "Angle of View" measurement in Maya and instead copy over the focal length. So for the default Maya camera you would use ignore the "Angle of View: 54.43" and instead use "Focal Length: 35.000" (which is in millimeters).

    In your Marmoset camera under Lens you'd ignore the Field of View and simply add "35" to the mm box. Marmoset will auto-generate a Field of View (37.85 degrees in this case).

    So what's the cause here? We can tell that AoV/FoV are mathematically tied to Focal Length in both apps because when you change one value the other changes. But why are the results different? The answer lies at least partially in Maya's "Film Aspect Ratio" setting. I won't pretend to understand this setting beyond saying that it's related to actual film cameras but importantly Maya sets it to 1.5 by default.

    Set it to 1.0 and suddenly the relationship between AoV/FoV and Focal Length matches in both apps!

    This is also the reason that exporting a camera from Maya into Marmoset will appear to fail: Marmoset has no equivalent setting for Film Aspect Ratio.

    The annoying thing you'll discover is that as soon as you change the Film Aspect Ratio to 1.0 in Maya your Film Gate will become square. This doesn't affect your render which will still use whatever resolution you set in the render settings. But it's annoying to say the least.

    Hopefully this helps the next person trying to search for the answer.

    Tl;dr: Just Use Focal Length

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