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Dhaka / Bangladesh - CGI / 3D Senior Artist with 3D Scan Refinement expertise wanted!

Orendt Studios CGI & Filmproduktion GmbH, Germany is growing and we’re currently looking to hire a CGI / 3D Senior Artist with experience in 3D Scan Refinement, Sculpting & Modeling in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Requirements: Minimum 3 years of professional experience. Experience in modeling and sculpting with min. one of these software packages: Blender, ZBrush, 3D Coat. Experience with Affinity Photo or Photoshop. Good Language skills in written and spoken English.

Nice to have: Experience in 3DS Max, Substance, V-Ray

Responsibilities: You are working in a new team in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the following tasks: 

Refining 3D-scans: Fix geometry (sculpting and modeling) and texture errors. Prepare objects for Realtime applications: remeshing to reduce poly count + export pbr texture sets.

Modeling objects: Model objects in High Poly or Low Poly (depending on application) from photographs and technical drawings. UV-unwrap, export for texture/shading department.

Prepare CAD files: Import and optimize CAD files: Tessellation of CAD Files, fixing geometry errors, modeling of additional object parts, UV-unwrap, export for texture/shading department.

Leading a small Team of Junior Artist and educate them in a new office in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fulltime (40h per week appreciated) / Working together with international Team, mostly German (English speaking) colleagues.

contact: [email protected]

Best regards!

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