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Looking for: 3D character and weapon sculptor - 'Graduation Project League of Legends'

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For my graduation project I am designing an original character for the game ‘League of Legends’. 

The focus of my project is to create a concept with a clear vision for a character that could hypothetically be used by a larger team to develop the design even further.

Normally, these character designs are done by large teams within Riot and since I am on my own, I try to focus on a vertical slice: designing multiple different elements to give as much of a complete idea of the design as possible.

This means I can’t work out every single item as much as I wish I could.

To show a more polished version of my character design during the presentation, I am looking for a (semi) experienced 3D character and weapon sculptor who would like to work with me.

The work would include the following:

Humanoid male figure/weapon in:

  • 3D high poly sculpt on top of the existing blockout (body,face,clothing, etc.)

  • 3D low poly sculpt with details of the high sculpt

  • UV-mapping

It is important for the sculpt to be suitable for animation and to be made in a style similar to the artstyle of League of Legends.

The deadline would be monday 17 may.

If this sparked your interest, please send me an email at: [email protected]

I hope to hear from you!

Kind regards,


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