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Hi All... I'm New. :)

I'm Michelle.  I am new to all of this not only to this forum.

I have been in graphic design/php programming for the past 30 or so years.  Looking for something a little different and having a lot of time thanks to covid, I picked up some new software and started learning a new trade.

Struggling between 2D and 3D to be honest.  I really like the 3D realm and enjoy animating it more than 2D, however I do not know how to make 3D content so 2D is easier for me to make my own props, clothing, characters, etc.  Although the software I have purchased can make a multitude of characters from standard bases, i do find trying to properly dress them can get quite expensive LOL.

I am here to learn.  I have been looking around while waiting for my email confirmation... Ooops, typo, it never came *embarrassing*.... So I made a new account and here I am LOL.  I have Blender, I do see that here.  :)

I have a few samples on YouTube, thinking this might be better than taking room on my server for these LOL. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc_THWc2vkBblGl7aCR9iww

I know to the professionals in the crowd, this will seem very juvenile.  Please be kind with your suggestions and also please keep in mind that I just started doing this the end of  January. ;)

Thanks in advance for the tips.


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