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[WIP] Pirate's Last Resort

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Mazzletov polycounter lvl 2

As I am very inspired by diorama's and especially the stylized ones, I am starting to make my own. For a long time, I am inspired by pirates and their ships. I also wanted to start using Unreal Engine to create moving diorama's!

I first started with a blockout in Blender. I always get way to detailed and I should stop that! I wanted to create a cozy but crammed little Island that is not very practical as a pirate.

I started in Unreal but had some troubles with setting up the environment lighting as I was not experienced with Unreal.
I created a very very basic sand material in Substance Designer, to not distract from the main props. I also created one with lower roughness values and a more saturated color to identify as wet sand. I used these two for vertex painting.

I started with adding a moving water plane. I followed a french tutorial and it was golden to get started with a basic understanding of some shaders.
Really want to improve my shader knowledge!

My first prop was a stylized barrel that I made previously for a different project. It is a sculpt and baked onto low poly mesh. I also created some rocks.

It really started to look like a small and cozy island, waiting to be inhabited by a Pirate!

I have already finished some more props and will share them later! But I want to give you an insight on how I build the diorama and looking forward to your feedback.


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    Mazzletov polycounter lvl 2
    I created some more props. A desk and chair that will be the main focus of the scene. I added books, bottles and a small painting to enlighten the scene.

    I also added ropes and a pole mast (with flag!) to the scene. I created a GIF of the current scene.

    Trough feedback from Discord, I am going to add a hammock, a fishing pole, fish, some ferns, bucket and shovel.
    Overall I am very happy with Unreal Engine. 

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