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[Paid] [Unreal Engine] Dynamic Wrinkle Maps and general improvements on character materials

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Kalyskah polycounter lvl 3
I was looking to add a bit more realism to the skin materials of my game, Kalyskah. So I was looking for a character artist that is familiar with the process of creating a skin shader with wrinkle maps that can be driven by the animation curves (for vizemes and facial expressions). Other improvements on the character texture maps and general optimization of the current one we have would also be highly appreciated.
The payment would be made through Payoneer. The engine version is 4.26.2.

I don't usually visit this website, so the fastest way to contact me on Discord: Corintio#6761 or via email at adolfogabrield@hotmail.com

Thank you very much!

Some people might suggest us to use meta-human, but the problem is we are far on the development and switching to something compatible with meta-human who have already made materials would probably be more time consuming and expensive, since we use a custom skeleton we would need to retarget a lot of animations and redo some clothes to make them fit the body

Here are a few pictures of our main character:

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