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Looking for 3D modellers / texturers for game of thrones mod

Im currently part of a dev team working on a game of thrones mod for the game mount and blade bannerlord.
I am unable to pay for a 3D artist and I’m looking for someone who would be willing to assist and make models and/ or textures for the models I’ve already created.
I have edit and retextured some models myself and I’m looking for additional and more talented people to join the team.
It doesn’t need to be a full time commitment, even if you end up making one item for example I would very much appreciate the help.
Some of the common models being created and textures are armors, undead creatures and weapons.

I can tell you the process, poly counts etc the game can handle and can import and rig the models myself if you just want to do the creative part.

Thanks for your time 


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