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My Sketchbook Critics welcome !!!

Hi everyone ! I'm pushing myself to get some feedbacks so here I am, and I will try to post everyday for quick improvement !

So here are my few sketches from today, I wanted to draw a knight who is going to pick a rose and travel a long way to give it to his true love (spoil : his mom :3 ). The revelation is supposed to be a suprise at the end so that's why I want a heavy armer that doesn't show any emotion just like the mandalorian and baby yoda. So which one do you think would fit the best ! I'm hesitating between the first two ones.


  • alex_perriere
    Here are 4 concept art for the film I am making at school, It's some early concept art to set the Art directionn of the film. I am struggling with th last one I'm not really happy with th background but I can't figure out how to get it better
  • yorikus24
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    yorikus24 polycounter lvl 6
    I very like guy and flower, but contrast rad and green both warm colors make green more cold. Sorry just my opinion.
  • Eric Chadwick
    It helps me to squint my eyes, to reduce details and see overall contrast.

    Examine composition and how values contribute or diminish. Where do you want the eye to look, and how do you guide it there.

    In the last image, examine how you look at the image, the order of what your eyes want to look at, and why this occurs in the order it does. For me: His eyes are first, highest contrast in the whole image. Flower second, highest saturation. But you also want to tell the story of this happy guard, and the sleeping guard in the back helps the story but he gets lost because the grass blades and trees are all the same contrast as he.

    The happy guard's mouthline is a strong guide for the eye to follow, however it doesn't point at the flower. I would consider dropping the left side of the lip to point us towards the flower. This is just one compositional element. Apply this thinking to the rest of your image. Think about how you are guiding the viewer, through composition.

    I think it would also help you to do thumbnail studies. Black and white only, stay small, don't spend much time on any single thumbnail. Explore composition variations. Learn what works and why.

    Anyhow I hope this helps! Keep going these are great.

    Oh, and I'd love to see you post every day. The more often you draw the better you will improve.
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