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[WIP] Stylized Swamp Environment (UE4)

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jiggywattart polycounter lvl 5
A tree ent desperately searches for sunlight in a dense and treacherous swamp forest, only to fall prey to a warlock's trap to be bled out to produce mana potions.

I really want to polish this for a portfolio piece so any feedback would be appreciated.

Referenced a lot of WoW/Hearthstone art, particularly Phillip Zhang: https://www.artstation.com/phillipzhang
The cauldron assets were from concepts of Hope Lee: http://www.hopeleeart.com/

Some textures:


  • syyhkynen
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    syyhkynen polycounter lvl 3
    disclaimer: I'm not an expert so take my criticism with a grain of salt :D

    I really like the surrounding forest, looks awesome!

    The central island looks kinda hard to read, however.. Lots of shapes and bright spots fighting for attention and everything is kinda the same light brownish color. Also the ground texture on the island looks a little dull and uniform with the evenly placed pebbles. 

    I would try to think about what is important about the central island and make sure that is easily readable. Maybe a blend texture for the island?

    Sorry for nasty paintover. Just trying to get the point across :)

    Awesome work!

  • universe
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    universe polycounter lvl 7
    I agree with @syyhkynen, the forest looks great and if I were you I'd push values and saturation on the central island to establish cool contrast with the surroundings.

    In my opinion there's no visible difference in values of background and the main subject. It's nice to have extreme values in the main point of interest, so the viewers eye is immediately attracted there.

  • jiggywattart
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    jiggywattart polycounter lvl 5
    syyhkynen said:
    disclaimer: I'm not an expert so take my criticism with a grain of salt :D
     Sorry for late response, the feedback was great, thanks!  =)  Yeah I definitely see the big issues when comparing to your paint over. The grass does wonders, definitely going to add that.

    yeah for sure, ideally the sunlight is beaming onto the centerpiece to create that contrast but I got some tweaking to do.

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