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[WIP] Forest Ruins Environment (UE4)

Hi everyone, first time poster here on Polycount. I was hoping to get some feedback on my current project.

I'm trying to create a natural looking game environment for these stone structures and sword I made. This is my first time really working with UE4 and I don't have much experience with making full environments, so I really want to make sure this is good enough to be put into a portfolio.

the path in:

overhead view:

Specifically I'm not very confident in how the lighting looks, and I'm a little worried that the colors on the sword might not fit with the environment. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


  • Skinner3D
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    The rock texture on your pedestal/platform a little too small I think. It looks like a mud sculpture at the moment.
    For the lighting. Decide what story the scene is telling and light it a little more dramatically in that respect. It will push it out of realistic, but will showcase a storytelling talent.
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