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Looking for minimalist mech models and concept art

polycounter lvl 6
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rabbyte polycounter lvl 6
I am looking to have some 3 mech frames modeled to use as dev art place holders to design a tech demo around which involves building custom mechs.

The models should be separated into parts arms/hands/torso/pelvis/legs/feet as I will be having the parts swappable between the frames.

The concept is for the player to start by building a frame of just the structural supports and joints that determine the behavior and movement, and then add a shell over each part to customize their look.

The mechs are in the style of Titanfall/The Iron Bear from Borderlands 3 where the torso is just large enough to house the pilot while seated with a hatch to get in.

Since it is just placeholder art I'm trying not to break the bank

you can contact me through email at [email protected] for further inquiry

here is an example of what i'm looking for 
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