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[PAID] - 2D Background/Prop Concept Artist [US ONLY]

TicToc Games is seeking a 2D Background/Prop Concept Artist with a love of environment & prop design, illustration, storytelling, RPGs and a desire to work on high quality indie console games! 

US-based applicants only.

Required Application Materials:

  • Resume.

  • Digital Portfolio submissions such as website, blog or online album.


  • Work with the Art Director to create interesting, unique, and diverse 2D prop concepts.

  • Work with the Art Director to create interesting, unique and diverse 2D environment concepts for buildings, vehicles, natural terrain, plants, indoor and outdoor spaces in a variety of different locations.

  • Work from loose, initial concepts to final renderings, illustrations, and color keys.

  • Create spec sheets and documentation to ensure 2D designs are ready for a 3D modeler.

  • Work with the Art Director and game designers to design 2D concepts that are both visually pleasing and would be easy for a player to navigate and explore in 3D.

  • Iterate on designs to ensure they are easily translated into a 3D space.

  • Match project art style by working in a cartoony/stylized manner using exaggerated proportions, sharp angles, flat colors and cel-shading.

  • Iterate on existing concepts to push designs and infuse environments and props with your personal creative ideas and inspiration.

  • Think independently -- we want someone who will be empowered to bring their unique perspective to this project.

  • Communicate with producers and the art team to ensure art quality deadlines are met.


  • 2+ years practical art/design experience working in interactive media or animation.

  • Strong Draftsmanship, attention to detail, knowledge of perspective, architecture, and prop design

  • Ability to take concept from loose sketch to full render in sharp, flat, cel-shaded style.

  • Ability to create accurate renderings and spec sheets for 3D modelers.

  • Think independently and creatively, pushing the boundaries of existing concepts and iterating on them.

  • Strong sense of color and lighting.

  • Expert Adobe Photoshop skills w/ strong painting and rendering skills.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work within a team environment.

  • Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative to make the art better in our games.

  • Looking forward to working and learning agile/scrum development.

  • BA in related discipline or technical equivalent.


  • Strong passion for turn-based/JRPG games. 

  • Knowledge of and/or passion for wrestling

  • Graphic design skills: knowledge of form and color design

  • Storytelling abilities: sketching, wireframing and storyboarding abilities on paper and screen.

  • Previous experience with motion graphics, animation and special effects.

  • Developed your own games for fun. 

  • 3D Modeling Skills, knowledge of Maya or Blender

  • Love console and pc gaming. 

  • Passion for illustrating. 

  • Have a higher educational degree.

Qualified Candidates should submit their portfolio and resume to [email protected] for consideration.

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