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[PAID] 3D (UNITY) Environment Designer For Indie Mobile Game

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Seeing a highly motivated Environment Artist to help create a VERY simple social simulation video game for iOS in the Edutainment space. Designer will work with a team of Character Designers and Animators to launch this innovative title. If you LOVE games like Animal Crossing, Stardew or Terraria this is the opportunity for you!

You will be responsible for bringing to life the mobile features detailed in our statement of work document.

You will take a 2d concept sketch for a background and create an environment based on the sketch in unity or blender.

One of the best environmental artists who we are very inspired for this project is Mikael Gustafsson. https://dribbble.com/MikaelGustafsson

The Environment will be a very limited background that the will only be viewed from a fixed location with no interaction.

This is a completely FREELANCE and REMOTE opportunity!

Absolutely: Must have experience in Unity development and/or Blender

Absolutely: Must be able to coordinate/communicate to ensure bugs are addressed, and games go out with best in class quality.

Absolutely: Must ask A LOT of questions And rarely get discouraged.

Absolutely: You are self-motivated and have a proven record of taking ownership and leading things to completion.

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