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Maya Questions coming from Blender

Hi I am a Blender modeler and I am trying to learn Maya. 
I could be an idiot, but there are 2 things in Maya I have not been able to figure out how to do and its driving me crazy. 

Question 1) How to extrude a verticie from a polygon such that only the verticie and edge are created.

In blender its simply done by clicking on the verticie and pressing extrude. 

However when I extrude in Maya, 3 faces are created

How can I extrude a vertex in maya such that only a new vertex and edge are created?

Question 2) How do I create a polygon from a gap in 3 or 4 verticies?

In Blender I would just select 3 or 4 vertcies and click "F" for face.
In Maya It's not clear in the sea of menus where this is done. Hopefully its as quick as blenders hotkey.

Please let me know thank you.


  • Ghogiel
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    Ghogiel polycounter lvl 14
    The first thing I doubt you can do in Maya considering how hard it stops you from being able to even delete a vert or edge on it's own. 
    (you can have floating verts and cap that into a polygon in Max but imo it's not something that useful I'd miss if I couldn't, so I can sort of understand being weirded out you can't have verts, but floating edges? that's weird blender voodoo to me)
    There is going to be a better way to do what ever you wanted to achieve instead of starting off with "illegal" geometry like an edge with no face. 

    Capping holes is mesh: fill holes. double click one of the open edges in edge mode to select the border of the hole then mesh:fill hole. Can't remember if there is a vanilla hotkey for it (I have Blender and Maya set up to what I use in max so my hotkeys are definitely different) .
  • sacboi
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    sacboi hero character
    I'm with @Ghogiel , what you're proposing to do is *illegal* in Maya - Blender tends to sit in it's own non industry conformable universe =)

    Move over to Max, at least you'll sleep better.
  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz ngon master
    You can't have floating edges without Faces in basically any 3D app other then Blender. If you do see a floating edge in Maya (or Max/Modo, etc.) it means somethings gone wrong.

    The closest you can get is creating a spline/curve.
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