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Anything you like/dislike would really help. Anything I am doing wrong? Anything I am doing right? Honest feedback would be much appreciated, but a little sugar on top wouldn't go on deaf ears.



  • slosh
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    slosh hero character
    I think you have decent work but your characters are very subpar.  If you are aiming for prop artist, just nuke the characters.  If you want to do character work, study up more on anatomy and proportion and get that higher quality.  The book is probably your strongest asset.  I think modeling wise, you do ok work.  Texturing needs improvement.  Colors are nice but the actual painting looks pretty rushed and flat.  If you want to do stylized, you really need to work on the painting aspect.  Also, you have zero breakdowns from what I saw.  No wireframes, no texture sheets, etc.  As someone trying to break in, you need to show those.  
  • FireFerret99
    In my defense I did take the characters off thinking the same thing but I put them back on because a friend told me too, it does help though, I'll bin em. I have the Sketchfab's up to show that aspect of stuff, but for a quick look it makes sense to have the pictures too/instead of. Thank you :)
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