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Student work - Witch Girl


A witch girl I created for a group project. It was the first time making a character based on someone elses references.


  • FireFerret99
    She doesn't look like a witch, she looks like a villager/passive character. The textures are good, but design aside, the poly count is nice, and is very good for a first character, I like the hair, I hope you learned a lot from this project. There is an issue with where the legs meet the dress, personally I wouldn't bother connecting these parts as it's a little unnecessary, but this not really a mistake just a preference and or project dependent. Unfortunately, the other issue with the legs are those tri's, they are very ugly and the legs themselves could use a lot less polys as a whole considering the rest of the bodies polygon count.

    Moving her with bones might be difficult and a bit janky without a couple of extra loops around the wrist, shoulders, ankles, possibly neck (depending on the animation style), and to the knee and bendable areas. The tri's around the dress/leg joint area may cause issues when moving that you might not have foreseen. Sometimes Tri's are necessary and or acceptable, like in the armpit, however keeping a clean geometry is important, if you do come across this issue again and you have come too far to restart or redo, then minimize damage by putting them where the poly's will not move so vigorously, the bottom of the dress would have been a better area, although still not very good.

    Good model, keep at it. :D 
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