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Larry's Texturing Challenge - Lord Ganesh Statue - April

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Larry interpolator
Greetings everybody! 
I'd like to host a texturing challenge for anyone wanting to do it.I've learned so much during the ones in this forum and I'm so grateful for all the people who helped me improve, so I'd like to contribute to that!

While learning, one of my unanswered questions and stuggles was always about how much modeling quality affects texturing, or rendering quality.I wished I had fine models to practise on, not having to worry about modeling and focus solely on the other two. Therefore I'm giving a remeshed version of this prop for free for people to do just that !

Note: The model is not optimised for games, it has 4 UV sets (Head, body, legs and parts) which are also not perfect on purpose, to add a bit of a challenge on your texturing decisions!

Full artwork can be found here:  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/D56k3n

Please read all the rules before starting:

     -Timeframe: Till the end of April

     -If you want to change it up a bit, then feel free to! Interpret it to your liking, especially if your aim is to add storytelling elements. It is a statue but it's not necessarily made of stone! You can also enhance the statue with your own props and set dressing!

     -Try to post one critique for every post that you make. This will make for a better learning environment and help us all grow as artists.

     -Try your best and finish as much as you can in the time frame provided.

     -Post what you are working on in this thread so that way it's a more centralized place for advice and critique. We don't need to have 1000 disjointed threads littering the forums.

Some recommendations:

     -Try to gather lot's of reference for all the individual materials you are going to use

     -Try to understand the process of how these materials are being made (e.g. certain finishes on different metals,wood polishing etc) 

     -Try to understand the history of the object (like how some cracks might have been formed, or damage in general, or erosion)

     -Material layering also has its history and way of application!

Some prop-specific terminology to help your research

Lava stone
river stone statue bali
marigold flowers
(great website that creates these statues in Bali, Indonesia) https://www.yuliyudhistirastonebali.com/

I also have a blog post on how I set up a base texturing process. You can read it here!
Files are attached in the post!
Good luck and have fun guys! Can't wait to see the results :)

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