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3D - Commercial work(flow) - Unreal?

polycounter lvl 5
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goekbenjamin polycounter lvl 5
I was wondering what the workflow is for a 3d commercial (image/video).

what i think is:
- create the 3d mesh+uv in Maya/Modo/Blender/ZBrush
- texturing work (painter/mari)

now the part i am not sure, rendering.

i know mayq/blender do have the possibilities to render images/videos via arnold/eevee etc.
Bit still, in the viewport you donz see what you get when you render :)

So, would it be a no-go when i get the result via a realtime editor like unreal?
there you would see what you get, lights/displacement-work+textures without any render work, since its "realtime".
even videos + finishing a video could be done in here.

What does your workflow look like?


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