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UE4 In-editor texture painting tool

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Hello everyone!

My name's Christopher Albeluhn. I've been working hard on a tool for the past few months to allow artists to paint textures directly inside the Unreal engine without dealing with a third party app. I wanted something to quickly load up, reference the textures I want to edit, have a quick and easy exporting process, and allow for quick previews of the final textures as well.

Well, Epic Games has approved it for the marketplace this evening, so I wanted to share it with the community!

You are able to paint on the diffuse, mask (secondary diffuse overlayed onto the first if you need it), metallic, specular, roughness, emissive, opacity, normalmap and displacement. Fully customizable brushes are included, and the ability to add your own is set up. There are features such as brush stroke slack for smooth location, rotation, or surface alignment; staggering brush strokes or having consistent brushes per tick; The ability to fad brushes and randomize their location, rotation, scale and opacity; the ability to aim your brush in the positive Z axis, have it follow the mouse, or always face up on the screen; mirror the brush stroke in the X Y or Z axis, and much more.

I really hope you enjoy this tool, and that a lot of great art will be created with it!

Thank you so much for you time. (And I'm sorry the video is just over an hour long.... there's a lot to go through)

You can find the tool here: Unreal Marketplace Link

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And you can see the hour long walkthrough of all the features here: Youtube Link

I will be adding to this tool with further features, brushes, and options. If you have anything you'd like to have added to this, please don't hesitate to request it down below. I'll do my best to add everything I can for you guys!

- Kind Regards
Chris Albeluhn


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    poopipe high dynamic range
    This is very cool indeed and I will grab it 


    I'd recommend making a shorter <5 minute overview video that blasts through the features, very few people are going to sit through an hour long demo - especially one that doesn't start with something super shiny.
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